The Sound Of Music

What started off as a no-voice-can’t-teach plan of action for lessons, ended as a great moment of victory for me! I have been playing The Sound Of Music for the children, which I honestly didn’t realize was such a long movie until we had to watch it in half hour intervals twice a week!

The first half hour had the kids feeling bored and frustrated. The classical style of singing and the lack of relatable characters was a tough first lesson, but I had no voice, so we powered through. The second half hour was the scene where Maria meets the kids and where Liesl and Rolfe kiss – cue screams and giggles. Our third lesson was where the children learn how to sing, and the puppet show, which had the kiddos singing along by the second verse of Yodelayhehoo! By this time, I was starting to get better, but now I was halfway through and the kids were starting to get invested in the story, so we had to keep going!!! The fourth lesson had the ball, So Long, Farewell and Maria leaving to return to the Abbey. I had to explain that the Baroness was jealous of Maria and that she made Maria feel bad enough to leave the children without saying goodbye. This is when the intermission happens, and the children were most upset that they couldn’t also go for snacks and refreshments mid-movie!

The second half of the movie starts with the announcement that the Captain and the Baroness are to be married, and both the children in the movie and the children in my class were not too happy. The Von Trapp kids try to get Maria back, and the Reverend Mother at the church convinces her to return. Lesson number six featured the Captain and the Baroness breaking up, and another kiss between Maria and the Captain – cue more screams and giggles. The seventh lesson showed the family Von Trapp singing at the festival, and the children were now getting really unhappy that we had to keep stopping the movie and waiting to continue! Our final lesson, we finished the movie. Every single class clapped at the end. I am so proud of them for appreciating this beautiful old movie in a time where they have access to everything on the internet and on TV!

After we finished the movie, the kids were dying for some singing, and thankfully my voice was back, so we learnt Do Re Mi, and what a treat it was to hear their little voices singing one of my most favourite songs. I felt as if I was Maria, just with 30 kids instead of 7! It was a goal achieved that I didn’t even know I had.

So long, farewell


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