Long Time No See

Hello lovely friends!

My word has life been a roller coaster! I haven’t posted a blog since January, I can’t believe how quickly time is flying. I am really keen to get back out into the blogosphere, so I’ve signed myself up to go to the #KZNBloggerMeetUp at the end of this month. Last year’s event was lovely, and I met some amazing people. This year, my favourite speaker Lisa Welsh is on the line up, so super stoked (Durban for excited) to be going again.

I went to England in the June/July holidays and it was honestly such a life changing experience. I will do a proper write up on the highlights of the trip, because there were too many to just mention them briefly!

I also accompanied myself for the first time at a wedding just after we got back, and then got really sick with this nasty flu virus that has just gone around. So I have been on a break from all singing for almost two weeks now which is killing me! Not only do I feel very unlike myself, but life is pretty boring for me when I can’t randomly burst into song!!!

I am really seriously looking at making playing and singing at weddings my primary gig avenue. It makes my heart so happy being a part of such a happy and lovely day!

I have just one question which I’d love you to answer: What would be interesting to you to read from my perspective as myself; singer, pianist, teacher, female, human being?

Love, Cassie Rae

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