Self-Care This Christmas

This is a huge buzz word at the moment. Self-care. For a lot of people I think it is a foreign concept. We get so busy in our daily lives,doing everything that needs to get done in order for everyone else to be happy.I am HUGELY guilty of putting my own self-care aside, and once again I ended up sick right at the start of my December holidays. Great. The festive season is one where it’s super easy to forget about our own needs, especially when we are constantly told that we should be giving to others! I am of the firm belief that you cannot give to others with the love they deserve when giving is just depleting your energy levels. These are just a few of my suggestions on how to look after yourself this holiday season, so that you can spread love and sunshine!

  1. Drink water. Aim for your 2 litres a day, but quite honestly, in South Africa you can have more. It’s very hot over the festive season and your body will thank you!
  2. Sit down for five minutes and write down what you are grateful for.
  3. Take the extra two minutes a day to make your skin happy – and don’t forget the sunscreen! Sunstroke is very real, and very exhausting when you have it!
  4. Play with your dogs (or kids). The love they give can be so soul restoring! And having silly fun is the best!
  5. Go out “to the shops” and take yourself for a coffee/ drink of your choice. Spend time with yourself! Going for walks on the beach also works!
  6. Stand barefoot on the grass. Our beautiful earth has amazing healing powers. I have tested this, and it really works. There’s something in the vibrations of the earth that does good stuff for your body!
  7. DO things that make YOU happy. I’m a creative, so crafting, making beautiful things, wrapping Christmas presents so that they are the envy of the whole family – that’s my jam! Do the things that give you a deeper sense of self and satisfaction.
  8. My last suggestion is to create playlists – one for relaxation and one for happy Christmas vibes! Use these as and when you need them. Music is a mood changer and can really turn your whole day around!

I hope you take some time to look after yourself this festive season, so that you can put the “Merry,” in your Christmas!


Cassie Rae

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