Rocking Around The Christmas Tree

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is putting up the tree. There’s something about it that just adds that little bit of festive  feeling! This year, we bought a new tree, because the old one was looking a bit sad. So, armed with our brand-new tree we set to work! It took a bit longer than we expected to set it up, but it looked amazing once it was done. Memories of setting up the tree as kids makes the experience special every time. This year I bought a bunch of beautiful snowflakes from Everything Laser who had a stall at the Baynesfield Country Estate Christmas Fair. Each one is entirely unique! We then chose our favourite trinkets that we’ve collected over the years and placed them perfectly on the tree. Some are handmade by Shannon and I from school days which mom and dad have treasured. Some of them were gifts, received from aunts and extended family. We have golden bells and instruments, red and green baubles, and some little Santa Clauses and candy canes!

In between finding the perfect places for our array of random decorations, dad was trying to figure out which Christmas lights were working. Once we figured that out, it turned into a mission to plug them in behind the Christmas tree which required a bit of couch climbing and balancing on Shannon’s part! We eventually had the tree up, the decorations hanging and the lights on. We switched the lights off and enjoyed the beautiful twinkling fairy lights and the Christmas spirit in the air. 

 Our tree is not the perfectly curated tree with one colour scheme and perfect decorations. Some are a little bit broken from years of being loved,and all of them represent the beautiful memories we’ve made as a family. I can’t wait for the day when I have my own little family and we get to create our own Christmas memories! 


Cassie Rae

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