Christmas Traditions With The Moore Family

Some of our traditions get thrown out the window depending on where we celebrate. We have often been camping over Christmas, but there are still a few traditions that we do!


Our first tradition (apparently) is that the Christmas tree only goes up on December 15th. I tried to convince my mum to change it this year, because we need to get festive! So far, it’s not up yet, much to my dismay. In saying this, we’ve always put the tree up together as a family. My sister and I usually get to decorate it, it always looks like a mish-mash tree because we have decorations we’ve made as kids along with decorations my mum has obviously bought over the years. This year, I bought some of my own decorations to add to the tree, which I will keep after Christmas for my future tree in my future house.


I am 24, but I still write my letter to Santa on Christmas eve, and I still get a reply from FATHER Christmas. We used to leave biscuits and milk. Now we leave biltong and beer. Don’t judge. We always get Christmas presents from Santa under the tree.


On Christmas morning, we used to go and check for evidence that Santa had visited outside, and there was always some snow and reindeer footprints on the front porch. Somehow, we also always heard jingle bells from somewhere! We always do our presents on Christmas morning – we all sit in our pajamas and take turns to open one gift at a time.


One of our family traditions is that on special days like Christmas and Easter Sunday, we celebrate with family all across the world at 9 AM South African time (and now 11 AM as well for my aunt in England). We mix whisky and milk and toast to our family, wherever they may be. Guys, I love the sentiment behind this tradition, but whisky and milk is horrid. My only explanation is that my grandad is Irish.


A more recent tradition is that if we drive anywhere, we don Christmas hats, jump in my dad’s Land Rover, belt out a Christmas CD and wave at everyone we see. I know. We are weird. I don’t care what you think.


The last tradition I will mention is one which happens when we camp over Christmas. We always get sent to look for Guinea Fowl feathers before we can open presents (mom and dad needed time to get Santa’s delivery for us!).


So those are my special family traditions. Leave me a comment with yours!



Cassie Rae

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  • Lorraine , Direct link to comment

    Cassie, I guarantee Whiskey and Ice Cream (Dom Pedro) whizzed up in the blender would be much nicer to toast with 🙂

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