20 Random Facts About Me

So this is all about me. If this doesn’t interest you, you can close the page RIGHT NOW! If you are curious about me, then keep reading! Also, this is not my real hair, just in case you were wondering…

  1. Full name: Cassie Rae Moore. I chose not to include my surname in my brand, not because I am not immensely proud of it, but because I am a bit old school. I will eventually change my surname when I get married. Leaving it out just makes it less of a hassle later on.
  2. Place of birth: Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Both of my parents were born here in SA, as well as three out of four grandparents.
  3. I have my Grade 8 Trinity Classical Piano qualification.
  4. I graduated my BA Honours in Music cum laude. I have always been a super nerd. Not even sorry.
  5. I have swum the Midmar Mile 5 times. Swimming is one of my favourite types of exercise.
  6. My natural hair colour is dark brown.
  7. I used to bite my nails. I stopped once I finished matric exams. Now I have a fancy nails addiction.
  8. I collect earrings. I’m pretty sure I could wear a different pair every day of the year and still not run out!
  9. When I am finished brushing my teeth, I tap my toothbrush on the side of the sink in a little rhythm to shake off the water.
  10. When I am walking, I count 1 2 3 4 in my head. It’s very satisfying when I’m climbing stairs and there are exactly the right number of stairs to finish a count of four.
  11. I get more excited to see my dogs when I get home than my human family members (sorry guys, but I’m pretty sure you knew this anyway).
  12. I wanted to be an author and then an artist before I wanted to be a musician.
  13. My favourite colours are blue and purple, but my cupboard has a lot of pinks and reds. My least favourite colour to wear is yellow, but it’s a colour that makes me happy when I see it.
  14. I am a messy person, but I love it when my space is neat and tidy. This is always a frustration of mine – I make a big mess and then I have to clean it up again to feel better.
  15. My favourite meal is roast chicken and vegetables. I love vegetables!!!
  16. I can’t do cartwheels or handstands.
  17. I can whistle pretty well. I learned in high school that women weren’t really supposed to whistle, so now I do it on purpose for fun, because I don’t like being told I’m not allowed to do something. Such a rebel.
  18. I am more likely to catch a ball with my face than my own hands.
  19. I sometimes talk and make strange noises in my sleep.
  20. My favourite TV shows are usually crime and investigation series, but I’ve recently been watching one called American Woman and I LOVE IT!!!! It’s all about the new roles women were taking on in about the 70s, and it’s fabulous.


There’s tons more I could share, but I think that’s a pretty good start. Tell me some random facts about yourself in the comments below!



Cassie Rae

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