The Cavern Berg Resort

I woke up to the smell of pine trees and birds twittering, warm and cosy in the biggest bed I’ve ever slept in, with my favourite human being lying next to me. Bliss.


This long weekend, we treated ourselves to a weekend in the Drakensberg at The Cavern Berg Resort. We arrived just in time for dinner in the dining hall and enjoyed a wonderful three-course meal. We were attended to by a new staff member, Ndumiso, who announced that he was a trainee. I could tell he was very nervous, and having been in the waitressing field before, I knew how stressful it was. He needn’t have worried though, he was a perfect waiter. Every meal was served on my right, taken away on my left, and our drinks were kept full. The food was amazing. We were treated to things like Kudu, Beef tongue (actually tastes alright, but my brain was applying the brakes the whole way!), salmon, tuna, smoked kippers (YUM!), cranberry bread and butter pudding, and even milk tarts and koeksisters for Heritage Day! The delicious food has definitely left me a tiny bit heavier than when I arrived, but I don’t even feel guilty. It was worth the cheat weekend!


In between meals, we tried to make sure we were active. Day one and two we were successful. We hiked around the resort and totalled about 25 km over the two days! We saw beautiful fern forests, rivers and caves, and we even climbed to the top of the mountain behind the resort, up a dodgy section called Sugar Loaf Gap which nearly gave me a heart attack from nerves. Thank goodness for Ryan’s ever calm and steady encouragement! When we came back from our morning walks, we were greeted by a spotless room which had been lovingly attended to by the cleaning staff. Our T-shirts were even folded neatly, and our shoes stacked against the wall! Day three we were completely lazy, so we spent the morning relaxing around the pool before lunch and our afternoon departure for the three-hour journey back home.


Some of the other highlights were: A performance by the staff choir, who sang and danced to traditional Zulu wedding songs (I was grinning like an idiot the whole time- beautiful!); seeing an Eland, a puff adder, and a few leopard paw prints in the sand; meeting the local fluffies; the ever-friendly staff; and every moment with Ryan.


We left with our hearts and bellies full, wishing we didn’t have to go. Thank you to everyone at the Resort for a wonderful weekend. We will definitely be back again!!!


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