As said by Beethoven, “to play a wrong note is insignificant, to play without passion is inexcusable.” Today I am going to talk about 5 things that I am passionate about.


  • Conscious consumerism: I make a concerted effort to buy only the products which clearly state that no animal testing is done. I have my stainless-steel straws from @cultivateconsciousliving in my handbag for when I go out. I have my fabric shopping bags for groceries. I’m not perfect at this yet, and there’s still lots of things I want to change, but I am passionate about getting better at making less negative impact on the environment.
  • Support local :I always try my best to shop at markets when I need things so that I am supporting local businesses. Birthday presents, Christmas presents, etc. I buy local artists albums (the hard copies, NO ILLEGAL DOWNLOADS!!!). I try to support smaller restaurants than the big chains. I get my nails done by an independent nail artist, my hair gets done at the salon by one of my long-time school friends. I read local blogs and follow people who are in my immediate area on social media to stay in touch with the local vibes. Being an active part of the community is SO important! #localislekker
  • Healthy lifestyle: This is one that some might question me on. I’m not always very good at staying passionate about this, because I have a chocolate problem, but I am very passionate about improving myself in this area. I am trying very hard to make healthy choices more than unhealthy ones. I drink water (and coffee – I teach children, this is vital). I have started to enjoy exercising which is a very new feeling! I am driven by the purpose of giving the children I teach a positive role model for healthy living and body positivity, and about being able to look in the mirror and be proud of what I see. I’m getting better at this the more I work at it.
  • Performing: By this I don’t mean just performing on stage but performing well in everything I do. I am a HUGE perfectionist. I am passionate about producing the highest quality of work in whatever I do. Sometimes this can end up in me feeling hyper-stressed but it’s always worth the reward at the end of the day. I love to produce excellent work and I love the sense of self-pride I get when I have succeeded.
  • My life in music: I love my jobs. I want my life to mean something to someone. That’s why both teaching and performing are things that make me so happy. With teaching, I know I am educating young minds and, hopefully, inspiring some of the children to follow their dreams. With performing, it’s about bringing joy to the hearts of the people watching. Singing someone’s favourite songs can transport them to fond memories, happy moments and feelings. Music is so powerful in so many ways, and I wouldn’t do anything else!


What are some things you are passionate about?



Cassie Rae


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