Good Morning Miss Moore!

“This song is boring.”

“Miss Moore, I left my books in class.”

“Miss Moore, why is your tummy big?”

[Insert crazy stressed teacher face here]

Life as a music teacher of children ages 6 to 13 is never dull. There is never a completely stress-free day, and there is never a day where I am not challenged both personally and professionally.

These are some real comments from real children I have taught. This type of comment has become pretty standard for me. I’m now completely comfortable telling the children to get over it if they don’t like what I’ve chosen. No book? No problem! Here’s some paper and a pen, stick it in your book and show me in the next lesson. The kids who comment on my weight get a laugh and a sarcastic comment about how much I love food (it’s true, so I don’t feel too bad).

I am making light of this because in general, school is a happy place with happy children and we have a lot of fun. But there are days when my heart wants to break for the little angels that confide in me. Some children are dealing with awful circumstances that I will never understand. Children can also be nasty to each other, and little hearts are easily broken.

I am very aware that my role is more than just that of a teacher. I have become a friend, confidant, advisor, nurse, hairstylist, fixer of all broken things and away-from-home-mother to many little people. I love this job. I love knowing that I might make an impact on someone the same way my teachers impacted me. I am so glad I got this job. Plus we get coffee and the teachers who I work with are pretty awesome.


Cassie Rae

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