Money, Money, Money!

Becoming a paid performer has been an interesting journey. I have been very blessed to have such a supportive family. My parents bought me a speaker, and I bought a microphone with the cash gifts I received from my family on my 21st birthday. I didn’t have any help booking gigs to start with, and I was nervous to start. My dad encouraged me to start with the old age home up the road. I designed a show to suit their tastes in music and I approached them with the idea. I asked them if they would be happy with R5 a granny, and they were more than happy with that figure. They loved the show! I even booked a second show with another home through them!!

A short while after this, I was sitting at a restaurant having milkshakes with my man and we were chatting about where I could go from there. We realised that the venue we were sitting in would be perfect for my style of singing. I approached the manager with my self-designed business card and offered my services. I charged next to nothing for a long performance, but I had a regular gig! I learned so much from this experience. The best part about singing at a restaurant for me was watching the guests and their interactions with each other. I watched drunk rugby supporters get rowdy to Jailhouse Rock; I watched little girls sing every word to songs that were at least 40 years older than them; I saw lovers gazing into each other’s eyes while I sang their favourite love songs; I sang happy birthday to countless people; I watched young women eating alone, having the best time listening to the music; I watched the kitchen staff dancing in the kitchen; I even helped waitress on some of the crazy busy nights when the staff were overwhelmed. I will hold these memories close to my heart forever. This was my beginning.

I’d love to know how you started your career journey!


Cassie Rae

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