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I’ve always had a passion for writing. My very first childhood dream was to be an authoress! My career interests changed, but I have still held that dream in my heart in the hopes that I would be able to use it somewhere.

Blogging has intrigued me for a while, but I have been bothered by the idea of just expressing my thoughts to the atmosphere. How do I know if anyone will find them worth reading? 

Ultimately, I decided to get over myself and my insecurities and just do it anyway. 

So here goes! My name is Cassie Rae Moore. My stage name is just Cassie Rae.

I am a singer, a piano teacher and a music teacher for a primary school. I am also a daughter, a sister, and to my man, a devoted girlfriend.

I do not by any means live the exciting life of many musicians, but I love the life I live. I am fulfilled by watching my students grow and by watching audiences take a little bit of joy home with them. I am living proof that music can be a career. My hope is to inspire young people to follow their hearts and dreams like I did.

When I’m not doing musical things I love reading fantasy books, drinking cappuccinos at fancy cafés, dancing, watching crime shows, doing crafts, cooking new and interesting recipes, riding bicycles on the beach, doing my make-up, going on nature trails and posing for photos. I also love planning things!

So, in the next few blog posts I’m going to tell you about me in a little bit more detail:

1. How I started singing 

2. Where it’s taken me and my life juggling teaching, performing and having a social life. 

I hope you enjoy my story and stay with me as I share snippets of my life 300 words at a time.

Cassie Rae

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  • L Harty , Direct link to comment

    Awesome now I will be waiting to read your next chapter, I must be one of those real lucky persons to know that I get to have you the amazing singer Cassie Rae as my wedding singer and just know that there are going to be tears of joy when they hear you on my big day, thank you so much for choosing me as part of your friendship I am so grateful for having you in my life <3

  • Youknow Who , Direct link to comment

    Great .Hope you find your inner authoress and get heaps of cathartic fullfillment from your blogscapade my favorite little songbird. Keep it real, keep it interesting and keep it up.
    Your biggest baddest warthog fan

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