Bring Us Some Figgy Pudding

If you wanted today to be a healthy eating day, I would advise you against reading this. I want to tell you about my all-time favourite Christmas treats: Date Squares, Snickerdoodles and Israeli Cheesecake! If you’ve abandoned your diet already, make sure you set aside some time this afternoon to go shopping for ingredients, so you can do a taste test later!


Date Squares are my favourite tiny snack. They’re small because having too many of them… well, they’ll make you poo. Not even going to sugar coat it. But they’re great as tasty little nibbles when you need something sweet. They use dates, marie biscuits, sugar, butter, eggs and the optional extra of coconut (I’m not a fan so I leave it out). So you basically just heat the dates so they get all sticky and gooey with butter and eggs and mix everything together and the refrigerate, cut and enjoy! When my mom made them the first time, I was reluctant to try because I don’t like the taste of raisins and I thought they would taste similar, but I LOVE them!


Snickerdoodles! “What the heck are snickerdoodles?” is probably what you’re thinking right now! Snickerdoodles are yummy biscuits coated in sugar and cinnamon. They are also refrigerated in the process so that they’re easier to roll into little balls. You roll them in cinnamon and sugar and then bake, and they come out delicious and Christmassy! I can’t share the recipe for these that we use because I think it’s a family recipe thing, and my sister uses it for her business.


My final, and most favourite Christmas treat, is Israeli Cheesecake! This wonderful concoction uses tennis biscuits, cream cheese, sugar, a small amount of sherry, chocolate whispers/cherries and a chocolate sauce (I usually do a bar one sauce, melted bar one chocolates and cream!!!!!!!). My mouth is watering right now. It is a layered pudding, with tennis biscuits at the bottom, then a layer of the cheesecake mixture, then tennis biscuits and mixture again. Then the whispers get laid in the middle, and the whole pudding gets folded into a triangle and refrigerated. When you serve it, you pour the chocolate sauce over the top and cut it into slices. It ends up in a triangular prism shape! And here, for all you foodies reading this, is the recipe for this one! I’ve never managed to make it the most beautiful pudding, but it’s really tasty. ENJOY!!!!


If you’d like to try the snickerdoodles, or if you love Christmas cake, or even if you love any kind of cakes and biscuits, my talented baby sister can make to order. Follow @madbattercakesdbn to see what she can do, or pop her an email at


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