Support System

Family life is tough. Not just because I’m a performer, but because I’m just busy ATT (yes, new trend alert! This stands for ALL THE TIME). I often feel like I hardly see my family.

Luckily, I have the best mom in the whole universe. She still makes my lunch for me every day (yes, I know, I am old enough, but I tried to make my own once and she got all upset with me, so I just haven’t done it again). My mom is my go-to-girl for just about everything. I still live with my parents, so I see her briefly every day, but I still phone her most days to say hey and talk about my day. She is the best.

My dad is the greatest. He is a Facebook addict and is forever sharing random pictures and videos to brighten my day. He is also the best with difficult conversations and sage advice. If you want someone to engage with about any random topic, speak to my dad. My boyfriend has nicknamed him Google. He knows a little bit about everything, and I remember loving sitting around a campfire and just listening to him talk. He is also where I get my flare for writing from.

My younger sister is the person I really wanted to write about. The other day, she told me I can be a bit of a drama queen. I screamed at her and then cried. Not a drama queen at all. But she was right, I express my emotions in extremes. What can I say? I am an artiste! But she is my most truthful mirror in the sense that she doesn’t tell me I’m the fairest maiden in the land just to boost my ego. It’s been hard realising that she isn’t just my little sister anymore, but an adult with opinions and the right to tell me off when I’m behaving like a diva. She is also really funny. Like… REALLY funny. She is one of very few people who can make me laugh until my cheeks hurt with very little effort. We are truly weird together. Even our parents tell us this. But she has been my partner in crime for my whole life (minus the one year and 9 months before she was born).


My family is pretty awesome. Let me know why you think your family rocks!



Cassie Rae

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