So far, I’ve been sick three times this year, at times to the point where I’ve had to cancel shows. Last year I lost my voice completely right before my New York trip. I must admit that I have not found the perfect recipe for getting my voice back to full strength overnight, but there are some remedies that have helped me at least feel a bit better. I usually try all of them at once in a desperate attempt to get better super fast!

  1. Honey and lemon juice – I mix two tablespoons honey and two tablespoons lemon juice with a cup of hot water and then just wait for it to cool before drinking. This is more of a maintenance drink than a cure, you can drink this when your voice is feeling healthy too.
  2. Honey, lemon juice, ginger and turmeric.

It tasted disgusting at first, but now it’s my bed time drink every night and I have learned to love it! It definitely helps the sickness to move on quicker than usual.

  1. WATER!!!! Just drink it all. I aim for a minimum of 3 litres of water a day. As a singer, I should even be drinking more. Your vocal chords are the last part of your body to receive hydration if your body is trying to send water where it’s needed. Water is also a great weight loss aid as water is a necessary ingredient for breaking down fat cells.
  2. Steam, but not too much. I haven’t noticed that steaming negatively affects me, but some people find it can give them a chesty cough due to water on the lungs. The warm, moist air stimulates the blood vessels in your throat which allows them to transport all the necessary good stuff to your throat.
  3. Avoid milk and dairy products if you can. I personally struggle with this one. I am already on the low carb high fat diet, so I am reluctant to cut out dairy as well, but I try to avoid it during the day if I know I’m singing in the evening and then I have some chocolate or a nice cheesy something afterwards.
  4. Rest rest rest. I hate this part with a passion. “Vocal rest,” is virtually impossible as a singer and teacher. I try my best not to strain my voice when I’m teaching but it’s not easy. I always feel as if I’ve lost my identity not being able to talk and sing. Alas, it is important.
  5. Sinus rinse. I battle with my sinuses and this seems to be helping bucket loads! Its gross but if it works it works. It’s basically salt water that you squirt up your nose to clear your sinuses. I can at least breathe nicely which rocks!
  6. I have recently discovered Probiotic Room Spray. It’s basically good bacteria that you can introduce to the environment which helps prevent sickness. It also really helps with dust allergies.

When all else fails, TAKE TIME OFF AND REST. I hope this helps someone. Maybe I’ll find a magic cure one day so that this list can be shorter, but for now this is it! Let me know if you’ve got any tricks to try!


Cassie Rae


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